Local firewood – chopped, seasoned and delivered

CMS Tree Services offer quality firewood for sale all sourced from within 30 miles of Barnoldswick. We also offer mulch and woodchip.

Please note: we sell logs and wood chip by volume and not weight.

Our firewood is kept and seasoned for a minimum of 12 months and is sold ready to burn and contains a mixture of both hardwood and softwood.

cms-moisture meter-checking-logs

We never sell wet/green wood unless asked to do so. Log sizes are typically between 9″ and 10″.


With all of our quality firewood we offer free local delivery within 5 miles of Barnoldswick.
IBC crate 1.2 cubic metres: £85.00
Bulk Bag / Builders bag: £55.00
Log nets: £4.00


We burn our own logs to keep our family warm throughout the winter months.

Some more examples from our Firewood branch of the business.

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