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Established in Barnoldswick by Chris Swinscoe, CMS has gained a reputation for high quality, professional work throughout the local area.

A qualified arborist, Chris focusses the business exclusively on tree services and comes highly recommended by both homeowners and commercial organisations.

CMS have been trading since January 2011 and have a strong portfolio of clients across the area.


  • NPTC – National Proficiency Tests Council
  • First aid
  • Associate Member of the Arboricultural Association
  • Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (more about LOLER)


CMS are fully insured to carry out the variety of work we undertake. For your peace of mind, we carry  £5 Million Public liability, and £10 Million Employers liability insurance.


All of our employees are fully trained to NPTC level or above and are continually upgrading and improving their skills. This allows us to provide a more safe and efficient working environment. All work is carried out to industry best practice BS : 3998 Standards.


It is CMS Tree Services policy to always check with the council prior to any works, to check for Tree Preservation Orders present on site, or to see whether the site is in a conservation area. We will not proceed with any work until authorisation is given.


The Contractor – the person or business undertaking the works and The Client – the person or business instructing the works (and in so doing, and accepting the quote, agrees to / accepts the following terms and condition.)

  1. ‘Notice of the Right to Cancel’ – the client has 7 days to cancel the contract (in writing) from acceptance date.
  2. Should the client cancel scheduled work with less than 24hrs notice a ‘stand down fee’ of 50% quote value may be charged at the discretion of the contractor (CMS Tree Services reserve the right to postpone works due to unsuitable weather conditions or changes in contract).
  3. This quotation / estimate is valid for 30 days and takes into account any ‘value’, monetary or otherwise, the arisings may have unless stated otherwise.
  4. All works will be in accordance with the current British Standard 3998 ‘Tree Work recommendations’ where possible unless specified otherwise, dimensions specified are approximate and, where ever possible, will be to the nearest appropriate pruning point.
  5. In the event of a variation to the quotation as a result of
    1. Amendments to works required prior to arriving on site, or
    2. Changes in site / ground conditions since the original visit, or
    3. Additional works requested / required whilst on site the quotation will be revised accordingly, either electronically in advance / hand written / agreed in person on the day of work, with amendments signed or agreed verbally by the contractor and the client.
  6. 6. Stump-grinding will normally be to a depth of 300mm (unless specified differently) below the immediately adjacent ground level and will include the removal of the stump and buttress roots but will not include lateral roots unless otherwise specified. The client will advise the contractor of any underground services in the vicinity of the stump prior to starting the job. The contractor does not accept liability to underground services that were not advised by the client prior to commencement of work
  7. All arising (inc. twigs / branches / wood chip / logs / trunks / foliage etc.) will be removed from site and become the property of the contractor unless specifically stated otherwise in the quotation
  8. On completion of the works, an invoice will be raised and payment is required within 14 days OR payment is required in full on completion of the quoted works (unsatisfactory completed jobs MUST be immediately notified in writing / by email, to the contractor or within a period of 48 hours)
  9. Following written / verbal instructions from the client, the contractor will check with the Local Planning Authority (LPA):
    1. 1. Whether the tree (s) are the subject of a Tree Preservation Order
    2. Whether the trees are located within a Conservation Area,
    3. The contractor will also consider whether a Felling Licence is required from the Forestry Commission (FC) or if any other permissions/consultations are required, i.e. Natural England/Environment Agency. NB: Please note, if the contractor undertakes the necessary LPA application/notification an appropriate administrative charge of £75.00 will be incurred should the client decide not to proceed with the quoted works or uses another contractor.
  10. Where works are proposed to third party trees i.e. ‘neighbours trees’ the contractor will require written confirmation from the tree owner (‘the neighbours’) that the works are agreed and where necessary, that access if permitted. If works only apply to overhanging branches that can be pruned from within the client’s property then permission is not required but the neighbour should be advised where practicable (please also see 7 above as this may also apply)
  11. The contractor has 5 million Public Liability Insurance and Employers Liability Insurance. A copy of the certificate is available on request. The contractor will operate in accordance with good industry practice, their Health and Safety policy and Procedures and undertake Site Specific Risk Assessments (the outcomes of which may place constraints on the site whilst works are in progress, i.e. the client can’t access their shed without prior agreement from ground staff.)
  12. The site will be left generally clean, tidy and safe, but because of the very nature of the works including the production of wood dust, chainsaw / wood chippings / twigs / leaves and needles etc. and the traversing of site personnel it will not be as it was prior to commencement of works.
  13. If the works spread over multiple days, the site will be left appropriately and safe and as agreed with the client beforehand
  14. The contractor will undertake the works as scheduled but is aware of / may be constrained by ecological and wildlife legislation including:
    1. Wildlife and Countryside Act
    2. Countryside and Rights of Way Act
    3. Conservation of Habitats and Species Regs. (amendment) this legislation requires the contractor to assess the impact of the works which may result in works being delayed as a result of nesting birds, roosting bats or similar being present.
  15. The site should be clear of all dog foul before work commences. Should any of CMS Tree Services employees be required to remove excess dog foul before work commences a charge of £15.00 will be added to the final invoice.

Updated January 2017

Bird nesting policy

The ‘Bird Nesting Season’ is officially from 1st March until August (Natural England) and it is recommended that vegetation works (tree or hedge cutting) or site clearance should be done outside of the nesting season. However, in reality the nesting period may start before this and extend beyond it, in some cases species dependant.
As contractors we must aim to avoid impact to nesting birds and infringement of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 and breaching the European Habitats Directive 1992/Nesting Birds Directive.

Tree works can be done within this time frame providing all areas to be worked on are suitably assessed including the possibility of ground nesting birds that may be disturbed due to access and plant machinery.

Before any work is carried out within this season a thorough visual survey is carried out to ensure there are no nesting birds present or that the intended work will not disturb any birds nesting near to the work site. As contractors we do continuous visual checks taking place throughout the duration of the works. We also ask the client if they are aware of any recent activity in the areas to be worked on. As a general rule, it should be assumed that birds will be nesting in trees, and as contactors it is down to us to assess and confirm that any works carried out in the management of trees and other vegetation has not disturbed actively nesting birds.

Although the majority of the responsibility lies with the contractor it is important that as a client you are sympathetic to the laws behind disturbing nesting birds. This may result in work being postponed until all nesting birds have gone.

All birds, nests and their eggs being protected by the law, it is an offence:

  • To intentionally kill, injure or take a wild bird.
  • To destroy or take the egg of a wild bird.
  • To intentionally disturb or remove a nest of a wild bird as the nest is being built or as the nest is active.

Privacy policy

You can read our privacy policy at cmstreeservices.co.uk/privacy-policy

Who we have worked with

We work at all scales: small and large domestic gardens, commercial, industrial and civil clients, plus rural and estates. We work closely with arboricultural consultants and councils.

Local Authority Schools

The Methodist Church

Pendle Borough Council

Letting and Land Agents

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Yorkshire Dales National Park

Pendle Forklift Services

Lancashire County Council

Ribble Valley Borough Council

With our equipment and expertise, we are also regularly called upon to carry out work for other tree surgery companies

We are on various local authorities' contractors lists, including Pendle, Ribble Valley and Lancashire County Council