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Stumps left behind from previous tree removals can often be trip hazards, they can be in the way of a new fence line or even be needed to be removed to replant in the same area. Stump grinding is a more sympathetic and economical solution to removal of stumps. The stumps are ground out using specialist equipment fitted with tungsten carbide teeth. Surface roots can also be ground out for landscaping works to be done.

At CMS Tree Services we can remove stumps of any size, large or small, with our specialised equipment.

Stumps are ground to a minimum depth of 300mm / 12” below ground level.

We have tracked machines for difficult to access areas, wheeled machines for the manicured lawn and large tow-able stump grinder for clearance of stumps on bigger sites with good access to speed the process up.

The arisings left over from stump grinding is a coarse mulch consisting of soil and woodchip. These arisings are usually used to back fill the hole from grinding and levelled out over the area. 100% organic matter that will rot back down over time and enrich your soil.

If required or you prefer, we can remove the stump grinding material from site. We can also back fill the area with top soil ready for you to seed the area (both services at an additional cost).

Wondering how stump grinding works?

Check out these videos and watch our stump grinders at work:

CMS Tree Services offers high quality and professional stump grinding services at competitive prices. We grind stumps for domestic customers, large building / construction firms and for landscapers to aid in their works.

What to consider before stump grinding

Location of services is the key point here. We need to know where your gas, electric and water supply runs to your house or on your land. Also if you are aware of any surface water / foul or land drains running through your property.

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Our priority is to offer you the most professional stump grinding service at the best price

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We work at all scales: small and large domestic gardens, commercial, industrial and civil clients, plus rural and estates. We work closely with arboricultural consultants and councils.

Local Authority Schools

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With our equipment and expertise, we are also regularly called upon to carry out work for other tree surgery companies

We are on various local authorities' contractors lists, including Pendle, Ribble Valley and Lancashire County Council