Woodchip and Mulch

CMS Tree Services offer quality mulch and woodchip for sale, all sourced from within 30 miles of Barnoldswick

Please note: we sell wood chip by volume and not weight.

100% Organic

Mulch is kept and matured to create a great product to put on your flower beds, at the base of tree’s or for marking out / creating woodland paths etc. The woodchip/mulch provides a good thermal layer to protect your trees and plants from the cold winter frosts. It retains moisture around the plants and helps to suppress weeds. To be effective the woodchip/mulch should be applied in a layer no less than 3-4” or 7.5-10cm.


With all of our woodchip and mulch we offer free local delivery within 5 miles of Barnoldswick.

Truck load (approx 4 bulk bags/builders bags) : £72 inc VAT


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